Frequently Asked Questions

What is Trend Micro Mobile App Reputation Service (MARS)

Trend Micro Mobile App Reputation Service (MARS) is a cloud-based service that automatically identifies mobile threats based on app behaviors.

It uses Static analyzer and Dynamic sandbox environment.

  • Static Analyzer

    Dissect the mobile code and analyze both mobile APIs and personal data usage.

  • Dynamic Sandbox Environment

    To detect/analyze the mobile app runtime behavior.

What features do MARS have?

There are lots of independent features to describe mobile applications, such as virus detection, privacy leakage, vulnerability detection, app category and so on. Only two basic features are free for all users: virus detection and privacy leakage. More features are in the beta phase and will be online in the future.

Brief description of some features as below:

  • Basic Information

    MARS parses all basic information for application, such as package, version, source code, resource, certificate and so on.

  • Virus Detection

    Virus detection is based on MARS pattern scanning, machine learning strategy and other rules.

  • Privacy Leakage

    Privacy leakage detection is based on analysis by MARS static and dynamic scanning modules.

  • App Category

    According to application's content, MARS classifies its category. There are two major categories: Application and Game. And a lot of minor categories are defined.

  • SDK Plugin (beta)

    MARS is available to detect 3rd-party SDK plugins that are embedded in application.

  • App Vulnerability (beta)

    MARS is able to detect application's vulnerability, depending on application’s codes and resource that are easily attacked and exploited by other applications or remote programs. More than 50 vulnerabilities are defined for APK.

  • Repack App (beta)

    MARS is able to identify repack application which is repacked from other official or popular application. Perhaps the repack APK has similar icon or name with popular application to attract users to download and install.

  • Junk App (beta)

    MARS is able to identify junk application which has similar package or name with a large amount duplicated codes.