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Trend Micro Mobile App Reputation Service or MARS is a cloud-based service that automatically identifies mobile threats based on app behaviors.

App Analysis Reports of Hot Malware


During coronavirus, Cerberus Trojan use fake coronavirus propaganda page to conduct phishing attacks. Cerberus trojan allows an attacker to take over an infected Android device, giving the attacker the ability to conduct overlay attacks, gain SMS control, and harvest the victim’s contact list etc.

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XLoader trojan poses as legitimate Facebook or Chrome applications. They are distributed from polluted DNS domains that send a notification to an unknowing victim’s device. The malicious apps can steal personally identifiable and financial data and install additional apps. XLoader can also hijack the infected device (i.e., send SMSs) and sports self-protection/persistence mechanisms through device administrator privileges.

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Anubis trojan steals login credentials and financial information from banking apps in the infected Android devices. It has capable of hijacking a specified Activity, and once it determines that these apps are open or being used, the attacker can abuse the WebView feature to display the apps’ content on a web page. This can then be used to carry out overlay techniques to steal payment data or used as an attack vector for phishing.

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App store owners all over the world can upload their apps to Trend Micro Mobile App Reputation Service for security scanning and resource consumption evaluation.


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Mobile users can get app scan reports from app stores or Trend Micro mobile products such as Mobile Security & Antivirus , Enterprise Mobile Security , Dr. Safety , Password Manager , and others.

Learn how MARS keep your device safe and secure

How do you know when the app you’ve downloaded to your mobile device isn’t a piece of malware that can harm your device, or steal your money, your data, or identity? It’s impossible to tell without the aid of a mobile security program.

Trend Micro Mobile Security scans your device in real-time (upon download) and on-demand (across your device) to detect bad apps or malware to block or delete them. And with its cloud-based Mobile App Reputation Service (MARS), part of the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network.

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